Alistair Gillies




Contemporary Ceramics from the Heart of England

Since leaving college in 1980 I have almost continually worked with clay. I have worked for other potters, run production workshops [mainly slip casting], demonstrated in a museum, taught Art / Technology full time in schools and [pottery & drawing] part time in adult education, as well as running my own pottery classes and children's pottery parties and been a self employed potter.


My own work combines all of the techniques that I have experienced over these years, throwing, mould making, hand-building and modelling, raku, using custom developed slips for casting, lustres and more,  as well as developing entirely new working methods.


In 2015 I took a job as technician in a secondary school in Telford, Shropshire, and took a break from making. Having a regular income is a great thing and I like working with the young people and have introduced claywork into the school.


This has also allowed me to develop my own work in ways that are not based upon commercial requirements and recently I have been concentrating upon modelling and hand building and also making the occasional run of porcelain lamps that exhibit a relief picture that lights up with the lamp. 

Domestic fiddlers oak leaf frame.jpg
Domestic fiddlers oak leaf frame 5.jpg
Domestic fiddlers oak leaf frame 3.jpg
Domestic fiddlers oak leaf frame 4.jpg
Domestic fiddlers oak leaf frame 2.jpg
Flower 1a.jpg
two musicians fired2.jpg
organic 2b.jpg
girl concertina 14 04 20.jpg
Boxing Hares
organic 2 bw edit.jpg
Louvre Plaque finished.jpg
ew oak band bowl
Jumping Hare Lamp
porc bowl band & centre 230dia 100 high sm
pedestal flower pink sm
Festoon sm
lg pedestal flower blue finished
lg blue bowl
porc oak lattice pedestal 2 sm