Alistair Gillies


Contemporary Ceramics

from the Heart of England

The lovely pictures on these lamps are produced by the different thicknesses of clay in the lamp walls. The pictures are modelled by me, and made with a custom mixed slip [liquid clay]. They are fully fitted with an E14 lampset and bulb and can be bought from my shop here or from my facebook page , or by email, or facebook message. Please follow this link to my facebook page for latest news and designs

ew oak band bowl

Porcelain Lamps

porc bowl band & centre 230dia 100 high sm

These are now available again for Christmas 2020

Until I went back into a school in 2015 I developed a range of mainly porcelain using the amazing Valentines Clays paperclay

lg blue bowl lg pedestal flower blue finished

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porc oak lattice pedestal 2 sm pedestal flower pink sm Festoon sm Abbey Boxing Hares Iris Lamp lit Tinners Hares Jumping Hare Lamp