Alistair Gillies


Contemporary Ceramics

from the Heart of England

these are genuine reactions from people when first seeing my work. Even the most experienced potters are often bemused about how these pots are possible.

ew oak band bowl

How on earth do you do that.........?

porc bowl band & centre 230dia 100 high sm

They are almost magical.......

These are the most beautiful things I have ever seen.........

After working in clay for the last 37 years, since 2005 I have developed a range of ceramics that combines all of the traditional pottery techniques, but has also required new working methods and techniques.


I believe that this is one of the times that the description

'Original Contemporary Ceramics'

is an appropriate description for a ceramic work.

lg blue bowl lg pedestal flower blue finished

I thought you would be female....... [!]

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sm flower roots B3 porc oak lattice pedestal 2 sm pedestal flower pink sm Festoon sm small porcelain pattern rim bowl 3 2013 flower 4 5 large 8 petal flower